Residential Cleaning Prices


Primarily we are a recurring weekly or bi-weekly regular cleaning service but we also offer monthly service. We service both Full-Time Lee County Residents and Seasonal Residents. Our average bi-weekly cleaning is between $90-100 based on approx. 1,800-2000 sq/ft. Adding more services will increase the price

Office Cleaning Services


A clean office helps promote a healthy, productive work environment.  Weekly Service. Starting at $75.



If your house hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly in over 90 days, we require a Deep Cleaning to start your regular Weekly or Bi-Weekly Cleaning. Check out our Deep Cleaning for new regular cleaning customers below and see how you can get a Deep Cleaning at your regular cleaning price

The Process

Assessment:It all starts with us determining what a fair price is to clean your place and usually it’s not as bad as you think. We have developed our own Online Quote Calculator that will take care of all the calculations in a few seconds! Please click HERE to jump over to our Online Quote Calculator.  This tool will get you going.  For our new Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Customers we almost always come out to meet you before the cleaners show up to confirm our pricing, any special instructions, etc.  but that is entirely up to you.  

If you need a Deep Cleaning, it’s pretty simple. A Deep Cleaning is a minimum of 6 hours  which is $175 and then it is $25/hr thereafter. Our new Weekly and Bi-Weekly customers get a rebate after their first month to offset this extra cost

Determine what frequency of cleaning you want: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or One-Time/One-Off Cleaning –  85% our business revolves around weekly and bi-weekly recurring cleaning.  

Same cleaner

Same day

Same time 

We calculate a Monthly Cleaning Price and then discount it for a Bi-Weekly Cleaning and then discount it again if you want a Weekly Cleaning

The Clean: Most places require a more thorough cleaning the first time. In general, it takes about twice as long to clean a place for the first time and then our cleaners maintain it. On average, our Deep Clean is 5-6 hours and our regular cleaning is about 3 hours.


Change Beds : $10 and up
Inside Refrigerator : $20
Inside Oven : $20​
Lanai : wipe down furniture – $10+
Lanai : sweep/vacuum/mop – $10+

Deep Cleaning Service – Starting @ $175

Our Deep Cleaning Service has a few options.  

1/ Basic Deep Cleaning – is a set 6 hours @ $175.  Our Deep Cleaning will focus on the most important areas of your house, and as time permits will move on from there.  Depending on the size of your house and the level of cleanliness of your house, will determine your degree of clean.  If you have a 1500 sq/ft house that has 2 bdrm and 2 baths with an average level of dirt, then 5 hours should be approx. correct.  If your house is larger or dirtier, than we will only be able to clean the most important areas (kitchen. bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.)

2/  Thorough Deep Cleaning – This option is also $175 for the first 6 hours and then $25 thereafter until it is thoroughly clean to our standards.  If your house is more than 1500 sq/ft and/or hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in more than 3 months, then it will take more than 5-6 hours to properly clean your place.  You can select a price cap to ensure we do not go over your budget.

3/ Deep Cleaning for new Bi-Weekly or Weekly Customers – If you are considering our regular Bi-Weekly or Weekly service then we offer an incentive that essentially provides a Deep Cleaning at the same price as your regular weekly cleaning.  

Here is how it works – Set up Bi-Weekly or Weekly cleaning with us.  If we determine your place needs a Deep Cleaning then we will schedule our cleaner to perform our Basic Deep Cleaning at your place (6 hours @ $175).  You will be billed the full $175 initially and then on your 3rd regularly scheduled cleaning, you will receive a credit for the difference between the $175 and your regular Bi-Weekly/Weekly cleaning price.  For example, if your regular price is $100/bi-weekly, you will receive a $75 discount on your 3rd cleaning (your will pay $25 instead of $100).